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Bicycle, Scooter, E-bike Accidents - Personal Injury Law Firm Help

The popularity of micromobility transportation like e-bikes, scooters, and bicycles is on the rise. These eco-friendly and convenient modes of travel are great for short distances. However, as their popularity grows, so do accidents. Many cities aren’t prepared for this surge and lack safe spaces for these vehicles. If you’ve been injured in an e-bike, scooter, or bicycle accident, reach out to Counsel Hound, a personal injury law firm, for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Bicycle, Scooter, and E-bike Accidents

Common Factors Leading to Bike/Scooter Accidents

The Consumer Product Safety Commission published a report in 2020 outlining the dangers linked to micromobility products [1]

  • Mechanical
    • Falls
    • Rider ejections due to frame or structural failures
    • Braking problems
    • Collisions with motor vehicles, objects, and pedestrians
  • Electrical
    • Fire and explosions due to battery failures and mechanical batter-mounting issues
    • Falls and rider ejections due to electronic control problems
  • Human factors
    • User positioning
    • Location and operation of emergency controls


Bicycle accident

The increase in fatalities from micromobility product accidents is alarming each year. Between 2017 and 2019, fatal accidents surged from 5 to 26, and this trend is expected to persist. During this time, there were over 130,000 emergency visits related to micromobility transportation. Motor vehicle accidents accounted for 63% of these fatalities. It’s crucial to seek legal assistance from the best personal injury lawyers to protect your rights and seek compensation for any injuries sustained. [2]

What to Expect - Steps in a Bike/Scooter Accident Lawsuit

1. Initial Scrutiny: If you can, take pictures of the scene and note down witness details. Even for minor accidents, call 911 as the police report is crucial. Avoid admitting fault to anyone except the police.

2.Medical Attention: Honest communication with your doctor is key to getting proper treatment. Follow the doctor’s advice consistently and document every visit for your claim.

3.File Insurance Claim Form: Inform your insurance company promptly. Don’t speak to the other driver’s insurer without consulting Counsel Hound.

4.Counsel Hound Consultation: Fill out our form, and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your options. We’ll connect you with the right lawyer at no charge.

5.Compensation Request: Once treatment ends, we’ll start negotiating with the insurer for the best compensation.

6.Agreement or Legal action: You choose whether to settle or go to court based on our advice. 

If needed, we’ll guide you through the trial process. Trust Counsel Hound to link you with the right personal injury lawyers for your case.


Bicycle or scooter accidents can cause you physical, emotional, and financial struggles. Our team of Alabama personal injury lawyers, recognized as the best in the field, is here to help. We’re approved by Counsel Hound and dedicated to getting you the maximum settlement or award possible. You may qualify for various types of compensation, including both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages:

Our personal injury law firm ensures you receive proper compensation for your injuries ;

  1. If your accident resulted in surgery, physical therapy, or medication expenses, we fight to have you reimbursed.
  2. If you missed work or experienced a wage decrease due to the accident, we’ll prove your losses with timesheets.
  3. We also include vehicle repair costs in your compensation if your transportation was totaled.
  4. In case of a tragic loss, we work to recover funeral or burial expenses. As one of the top personal injury law firms, we’re here to support you through every step of your case.
Non-Economic Damages:

In cases of personal injury, some losses go beyond what’s tangible, like lost wages or property damage. Emotional pain from accidents can be just as impactful. Our team from one of the top personal injury law firms will strive to ensure all possible compensation, including for emotional suffering, is included in your case.

In Recent News

Counsel Hound provides no-cost consultations and case evaluations.

Many states have a two year statute of limitations for personal accident claims. Contact Counsel Hound to see if your case qualifies.

Unexpectedly losing a loved one is a traumatic experience. Counsel Hound lawyers are here to support you through this process. You may be eligible for a wrongful death claim and may be able to recover medical and funeral/burial expenses as well as compensation for emotional pain and suffering.

The police provide valuable resources before you even leave the scene. They will determine if any drivers were under the influence, had a suspended/expired license, expired/no insurance, etc. The police report will be extremely useful for building a case against the at-fault driver and provide photos and witness. There is also no way for you to verify if the other driver has given you valid information (name, number, insurance).

If the at-fault person’s insurance company attempts to contact you for a statement or settlement, do not respond until after your consultation with Counsel Hound. We are working with your best interest in mind, and you may be eligible for more than what the insurance company of the at-fault driver will initially offer.

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Law is complicate matter. It can cause you a big problem if you ignore it. Let us help you!

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Law is complicate matter. It can cause you a big problem if you ignore it. Let us help you!